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Meet Katelyn Fatzler:


I’m a senior journalism student at Seton Hall University. As a way to combine my personal and professional interests, I’ve created this blog to enhance my reporting skills and offer some useful information along the way. My first introduction to the comic world was through the X-Men in the early 1990s.

Since then, my interests have expanded to include Star Trek: The Next Generation, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. While I may have focused interests, subscribe to this blog for the latest news coverage of fandoms across the nerd spectrum.



Meet Brian Kane:
I’m a graduate of Seton Hall University. I am a prospective law school student, interested in Media Law. I joined this website as an editor and photographer.

My primary areas of expertise are films and video games. I have watched more movies than I’d like to admit, and have been playing games since the Sega Genesis. My interests expand far beyond those two types of media, you can expect me to post a wide range of content whenever I’m not behind the camera.