Top 5 Most Valuable Comics

Rare issues of comic books are collectible and can be worth millions, depending on their condition. The first issue of “Action Comics” featuring Superman sold in August 2014 for $3.2 million on eBay.

The Certified Collectibles Group (CGC) is the first, third-party, impartial comic grading company that has graded more than 2 million comic books on a 1-10 grading scale. CGC graders, professionals who review the comic book’s condition, look for any problems or damages. A grade of .5 indicates poor condition, while 10.0 indicates gem mint condition, according to CGC’s website.

Below is a compiled list of the 5 most valuable comics based on recorded sales. Theoretical values are provided by Nostomania, a collectibles evaluator.

5) “X-Men” #1

The first issue of “X-Men,” graded at 9.8, sold for $492,937. Auctioned in July 2012, the issue would soon celebrate its 50th anniversary as the comic book was originally published in September 1963. Nostomania’s estimates a 9.4 graded “X-Men” #1 would be worth $75,000 today.

4) “Batman” #1

“Batman” #1 sold for $567,625 in August 2013. Graded at a 9.2, the comic feature the first appearances of the Joker and Catwoman. Heritage Capital Corporation, who auctioned the issue, noted it as “one of the most desirable comic books [they have] ever auctioned.”

3) “Detective Comics” #27

Boasting the first appearance of Batman in May 1939, “Detective Comics” #27 sold for just over $1 million. The comic, graded at an 8.0 when it sold in February 2010, is estimated to be the second most valuable comic by Nostomania. Although there has yet to be a near-mint 9.4 rated comic for sale, the site estimates its worth at more than $4 million.

2) “Amazing Fantasy” #15

The first Spider-Man comic is the second most expensive comic, selling for $1.1 million on in March 2011. “Amazing Fantasy” #15 was published in August 1962 and is the most valuable Silver Age (1956-1969) comic book. founder Stephen Fishler created the grading scale used by the CGC, which graded this copy at a 9.6. “People have often wondered how much this near-perfect condition book would sell for, and today we found out,” he said in a statement after the book’s final sale price was announced.

1) “Action Comics” #1

While in 2014 “Action Comics” #1 sold for more than $3 million, Nostomania estimates a near mint copy graded at 9.4 would be over $7 million. The graded 9.0 issue sold on eBay after garnering 48 bids. It is a pristine survivor from the Golden Age of comic books, an era that ran from 1938-1956.

The issue was sold by Darren Adams, owner of Pristine Comics in Washington. Adams said the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation benefited from the sale with 1 percent of the proceeds being donated in honor of “the most iconic Superman people can remember.” Published in June 1938, “Action Comics” #1 featured the first appearances of Superman, Clark Kent, and Lois Lane.

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