Father-Son Duo Tackle Comic Scene

It started with a son translating his father’s novel from Polish to English. With more than 50 years of experience as a graphic designer, 83-year-old Andre Krayewski decided his next venture would be comics, according to Andre’s son, Ed Krayewski.

Initially, Ed was translating his father’s work from Polish, but he said he wanted to do more than be a translator. Ed is an associate editor for Reason.com, a news site that focuses on politics and culture, but continues to work with his father and writes comic stories.

Their first project together was adapting Andre’s novel into an 11 issue comic titled “Skyliner.” With help from Kickstarter, they raised nearly $10,000 for a 250 book print run in 2014 to print the issues as one book.

“You can’t just print a 19 page story on its own, so I came up with concept of doing a monthly comics magazine,” Ed said. The concept became a reality in FKT Magazine. Ed says they sell the magazines at conventions, but with a baby at home, he explained it’s been harder to get out to conventions.

The family’s next project is “King of the Ivy Hill,” a comic that will encompass Andre’s story of moving to Newark from Poland. Andre currently lives in Ivy Hill, where his living room doubles as his studio.

A Kickstarter for “King of the Ivy Hill” is in the work, according to Ed. “We’ve done the work, so it’s basically like pre-sales,” he said. “You’re getting people to order the book based on the idea that if enough people are interested in it you can print it.”

Works by the Krayewskis will be available at Comic Arts Brooklyn this weekend. CAB is a free indie comic festival on Nov. 5, which will run from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Mount Carmel Gymnasium.

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