Explorers Wanted Contest Judging Underway

Submissions for BioWare’s voice acting contest, Explorers Wanted, closed on Sept. 28. A panel of BioWare employees will judge all submissions.

“The potential winner will be notified on or before Nov. 30, 2016,” BioWare stated. The company has not given specific names of the judges.

The auditions are for two Mass Effect: Andromeda characters Jordan Tate and “Tough Mercenary.” Scripts were provided for fans of the Mass Effect series to read and record by the deadline.

explorers wanted tweets.PNG
Auditions for #explorerswanted

“These are probably the most ambitious roles I’ve ever auditioned for,” Brian Kane, a senior at Seton Hall University and member of SHU’s Gaming Sector, said. He auditioned for both characters.

Kane has experience with voice acting and writing for an independent remake of 1987’s Metal Gear. He has also narrated voiced minor roles in indie documentaries and films.

The judging period for the Explorers Wanted contest runs from Sept. 28 to Oct. 26. BioWare included a no guild obligation as part of their entry rules to encourage fan participation.

“I first heard about it through the BioWare Twitter,” Kane said. #ExplorersWanted was used across social media by fans promoting their auditions.

The prize for the contest is worth $2,500. The winner receives a trip to the nearest BioWare recording studio. Locations include the U.S, the U.K., and Canada.

Roundtrip transportation and hotel accommodations are included, but the winner must complete the trip before Dec. 31, 2016. The official contest rules state that the prize will be forfeited otherwise.

(Feature photo credit: Bioware)


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