NYCC Updates Weapon Policy

The New York Comic Con updated their policy to allow more than cardboard and foam weapons into the Javits Center.

On Thursday, September 8, NYCC shared the first update on their socials, announcing that cosplayers would only be allowed weapons made of foam or cardboard.14225335_10154747570370579_2048205002205924907_n

“I know tons of cosplayers who’ve been working for weeks or months to create their cosplays and props for this con,” cosplayer Carley Miller said in response to the policy.

Now, they would have to scramble to either remake the props or to choose an entirely different cosplay, Miller said.

Less than 24 hours later, the policy was updated again to permit weapons made of lightweight plastic or PVC, plastic or metal shields, lightsabers and toy guns at the discretion of NYCC security. Prop guns must have orange tipped barrels and cannot shoot projectiles, according to the full policy.

Metal and PVC materials are also listed under hard pop weapons, which are “forbidden” at NYCC.

“The prop I had the year before was made specific to [the] rules and [a NYCC] security guard broke it,” cosplayer Amanda Arroyo said.

As a cosplayer, I would rather there be airport-like security and be able to keep the things I’ve worked hard to make than to be told to leave them behind, she said.

Arroyo, dressed as Black Canary, attended NYCC last year with her boyfriend, dressed as Green Arrow. She pointed out the inconsistencies with security policies in the past.

Inside the convention we witnessed multiple of the same wooden prop bows undamaged inside,” Arroyo said about her experience last year. “We also witnessed real fiberglass junior functional bows inside as well. NYCC needs to have some kind of uniform standard and train there staff accordingly.

When contacted for an explanation of guidelines their security would receive regarding the weapons policy, the New York Comic Con referred back to their policy.

Article by Katelyn Fatzler

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